Strawberries-N-Cream Wax Shot

Strawberries-N-Cream Wax Shot


Sinful and fruity with a strong aroma of fresh, juicy strawberries with just the right amount of creamy sweetened whipped cream.

net wt. Our wax shots range from 1.5 oz (42 g) to 2 oz (56 g) each.

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 Strawberries - N - Cream Wax Tart by Space City Soaps


Our para-soy wax tarts are the perfect way to sample our various scents. Wax melts are similar to candles but without the wick and open flame, fabulous! When you use one of our wax shots in a proper wax burner you will get hours of strong and delicious fragrance filling the room.

1) Pop the wax shot out of the polypropylene plastic cup and place it on your warmer's plate or chamber.
2) Don't forget to turn on your wax warmer (if electric) or light the tea candle (if not electric).
3) Enjoy!
4) Wax shots do not evaporate, but you will know it has finished when you can no longer smell fragrance in the air.
5) To remove the melted wax from your warmer, simply put the warmer's removable plate/chamber into a freezer for thirty minutes or so. This will cause the wax to contract.
6) Once the wax has contracted you can easily remove the solid wax disk and throw it in the bin. Easy!

We know you know, but we still have to say it: melted wax is hot and can burn you, your pets, your friends, and your family if you accidentally spill it. Please use caution and be careful! If using a tea light warmer be mindful of the open flame and do not leave it unattended. 

All of our wonderful products are handcrafted in small batches. We take great care to ensure consistency in color & fragrance, but each of our handmade products is unique and may vary slightly from the images seen in this listing.