Summer Vibes Gift Set

Summer Vibes Gift Set


Catch those Summer Vibes with this limited edition black box gift set, complete with special gift wrapping, a product card listing all of the information about each item, and an in-house designed To/From card. Your gift will show up wrapped and ready for that special someone!
Each item in the box is also individually wrapped and labeled with ingredients.

Shipping: Free for U.S. customers only. Each gift box you order will be shipped separately.

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Summer Vibes Limited Edition Black Box Gift Set Includes...

Island Blossom Luxury Soap from Space City Soaps |

Island Blossom Luxury Soap (6.3 oz)
Exotic, fruity and delicious. Island Blossom Luxury Cold Process soap embodies tropical paradise in a bar. Your skin will feel revitalized and nourished with sweet hints of passionfruit, blooming jasmine, sugared citrus, and lively florals. A bouquet of vegetable glycerin soap blossoms top a beautiful swirl of greens, yellows, and pinks. Say goodbye to tight dry skin!

That's Bananas! Bath Bomb from Space City Soaps |

That's Bananas! Bath Bomb (5 oz) 
Always a hit! That's Bananas! Bath Bomb smells JUST LIKE the tiny Runtz candy bananas, you know exactly! This fun bomb will have both children and adults jumping for joy, with an adorable food-grade sugar dragee monkey holding a banana on top. This bath bomb has surprise colors inside, and your bath water will not turn yellow (ew, who wants that?)

Summer Flamingo Mini Cupcake Fizzy Bath Treat from Space City Soaps |

Summer Flamingo Mini Cupcake Fizzy Bath Treat (3.5 oz)
They say birds of a feather flock together. Summer is here, and you and this flamingo are ready to fly! Drop the pink bath fizzy cupcake base into your tub and wash with the luxury soap piped on top. A complete tropical fragranced bath experience. Decorated with pink sugar pearls and a flamingo friend on top!